"We often prefer homemade food, but not always! Explore 10 foods that excel when storebought."

1. Croissants

The art of croissant-making is best left to the bakers. Homemade versions require practice.

2. Candy

Most candy relies on chemicals. Save time and buy them from the store.

3. Ketchup

"Store-bought ketchup's sugary tang is hard to replicate. Leave it to the pros."

4. Puff Pastry

"Puff pastry is an art. Save time and buy it pre-made."

5. Sushi

"Real sushi chefs train for years. Homemade sushi falls short."

6. American Chinese Food

"Restaurant techniques and a touch of MSG make it special."

7. Bagels

"Great bagels demand skill. NYC has the best - don't bother making your own!"

8. Pho

"Simmering broth for hours? Get the takeout instead!"

9. Tater Tots

"Even a Michelin chef can't improve them. Stick to the classic."

10. Ramen

"Ramen requires time and special ingredients. Support your local ramen spot."

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